Pustorino & Parrington, PLLC

Employment Law

Pustorino & Parrington regularly represent clients in employment and human resources matters. Our lawyers have substantial courtroom experience, and have defended employers in a broad range of employment-related cases, including cases involving: ADA; ADEA; FMLA; the Minnesota Human Rights Act; Minn. Stat. ' 176.82; the Whistleblower Statue; Title VII; 42 U.S.C. '1983; sex discrimination and harassment; unemployment compensation; First Amendment issues; procedural due process; and defamation. We have litigated these issues for clients ranging from sole proprietorships, to cities and counties, to multi-national corporations. We tailor our services to the specialized needs of each our employer-clients. In addition to our experience as litigators, we are also committed to assisting employers in resolving employment issues even before they arise; we prepare our clients to avoid employment problems through our strong focus on the practice of preventive employment law. Our lawyers specialize in working with employers -- through training, education and individual counseling -- to implement preventive measures, prepare employment policies and procedures, and to resolve disputes before they reach litigation. With a balanced blend of seasoned litigators and preventive law practitioners, we bring a unique and practical perspective to the preventive side of employment law.

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